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d'Stand d'Stand - Made in Texas, USA the d'Stand
the Perfect Deskstand for your Smartphone

$19.95 + S&H
d'Stand - The Back Story
I love my iPhone and use it several hours a day checking email, reading news feeds, talking, surfing, playing games, watching videos - the same things you're probably using your iPhone or smartphone for. Right?

Well, it doesn't take long to get tired of having to hold it in one hand while the other hand does all the work. Watching a movie or just reading also requires holding the beast or proping it up against something. I figured there had to be a better way; something simple, yet functional.

I started with aluminum straps, bending them in different configurations and Velcro to hold my iPhone in place. That worked well but I really didn't want the Velcro on my phone all the time. Besides, taking it off the stand required both hands and a lot of tugging. I ran out of aluminum staps one day and tried a piece of acrylic to test a new design. Voila! It was beautiful, worked great and looked even better on my desk than the aluminum did.

Now, the Velcro problem...the solution!
After wiping down the non-slip rubber mat on my Tahoe's center console to refresh its grip, it dawned on me that it might work on my stand...I found a supply and tried it and it worked! It was like magic, just drop my phone on the stand and it just holds! Ready to go? Just lift. No tugging, and best of all, nothing extra on my phone! Now, I use one of those rubber cases to protect my iPhone from drops and it works just as well, maybe better, than a naked iPhone. In fact, the only cases I've found that don't work with d'Stand are the newer soft/hard cases; you know, the ones that feel velvety? They'll slide off anything. So, if you're married to one, don't buy d'Stand. Your phone will slide right off. Sorry, Charlie.

Bottom line, if your case holds on one of those non-slip, dashboard mats, then it'll work with d'Stand. Just in case yours won't hold, we've included, at no additional cost, an extra self-adhesive, non-slip pad to put on the back of your device/case-it even feels great and adds a little extra grip. If you don't need it for your phone, just stick it on something else or where you could use a non-skid pad, like your car's dash.
Only d'Stand works perfectly with all Apple iPhone models and other phones and media devices.
  d'Stand - Features
d'Stand's graceful lines easily blend with any home or office setting. Your phone or other media device appears to float above your desk, always above the clutter, always within easy view and reach. Always at the perfect angle to see who's calling and for taking the call on speaker. If you use your phone for reading, emailing, texting, twittering, playing games or watching videos, your day will be a little brighter.

d'Stand holds your phone while you tap away as usual except you'll have one hand free to hold that peanut butter and jelly sandwich or your free hand can now use the time to finally learn to juggle.

If most of your interaction now requires both hands - one hand holding the phone and the other hand doing the work, your day will get a lot nicer. d'Stand's perfect balance and padded surface offer secure, one hand-operation of your phone. It's almost like having a third hand, yet not being weird.

d'Stand! New possibilities! New fun!
  • Instant Hold. Instant Release.

  • Clean and Simple. No fingers, grippers, snaps, straps or other gimmicks to fiddle with

  • Tap, type and swipe as usual

  • Easily accomodates docking cord

  • Holds device at any rotation -> landscape for videos, great for iPhone 4's FaceTime app.

  • Improves speakerphone sound and usefullness

  • Beautifully polished, rough cut, crystal acrylic with iceberg edge

  • Virtually indestructable. If it breaks, you get a new one.

  • And, it makes a great rest for your tv remote!

Simple & beautiful, d'Stand's made from the same high quality, crystal acrylic as the tough d'Trod.

If your phone is more than a phone to you, it deserves d'Stand and you'll love it.

$19.95 + S&H

d'Stand and d'Trod make great personal gifts!
Corporate logos and promotional messages can be expertly laser engraved for unique promotional giveaways!

Proudly 100% Made in Texas, U.S.A.

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