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d'Stand d'Trod & d'Stand - Made in Texas, USA d'Trod
d'Stand & d'Trod
the incredibly useful iPhone toys with the unfortunate names.


The BAD news: All ordering is suspended until January, 2012.
The GOOD news: We are redesigning both d'Stand and d'Trod to make them even better! Really!

Plus, we are adding several new products to make your iPhone or other camera phone easier to use and more flexible. Stay tuned, we know you'll agree d'TROD's smart phone accessories are the best value around, not to mention, in some cases, the only products that do what they do.

In the meantime, get the best smart phone you can and familiarize yourself with its capabilities so you'll be ready to enjoy d'TROD's 2012 new product line!

Happy Holidays to All!

Proudly 100% Made in Texas, U.S.A.

Designed for the iPhones, d'TROD products work with ALL smartphones!

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