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d'Stand d'Trod & d'Stand - Made in Texas, USA d'Trod
d'Stand & d'Trod
the incredibly useful iPhone toys with the unfortunate names.

Questions about d'Toys?
I welcome all comments and questions about d'Stand and d'Trod, tips & tricks for taking better photos with iPhones, and any creative ways, beyond the obvious, for using d'Stand and d'Trod.

For d'Trod users, hopefully, I'll soon have a user gallery for you to post your iPhone photos. As phone cameras get better, I think the potential for personal phone photography, particularly with Apple's iPhones, will really take off. I have other cameras but find I take 90% of my photos with my iPhone. How about you?

d'Stand is really handy for all the uses I listed on its page but I'm sure I haven't tried everything. How are you using your d'Stand?
  How to contact me
Until I can get a full-fledged form up for your questions, please just email me:

Thanks, I hope you get a lot of enjoyment from the toys!

d'Stand and d'Trod make great personal gifts!
Corporate logos and promotional messages can be expertly laser engraved for unique promotions!

Proudly 100% Made in Texas, U.S.A.